EL-1J: 16 Hour Bundle

Lockout Tagout (4 CEUs) (2023-40)


Module 1: Introduction to Lockout Tagout

Lesson 1.1: Course Overview

Course objectives and goals

Importance of LOTO in workplace safety

Lesson 1.2: Understanding Hazardous Energy

Definition of hazardous energy

Types of hazardous energy sources

Associated workplace hazards

Module 2: Regulatory Framework

Lesson 2.1: OSHA and LOTO

Overview of OSHA regulations

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.147

Lesson 2.2: Other International Standards

ANSI Z244.1

ISO 45001

Local regulations and industry-specific standards

Module 3: LOTO Procedures

Lesson 3.1: LOTO Components

Lockout devices

Tagout devices

Group lockout

Lesson 3.2: Developing a LOTO Program

Policy development

Procedure creation

Training requirements

Module 4: LOTO Implementation

Lesson 4.1: Preparing for LOTO

Equipment shutdown

Identifying energy sources

Notification and authorization

Lesson 4.2: Applying LOTO

Lockout vs. tagout

Isolation and control of energy sources

Lock placement and tag attachment

Module 5: Safety Devices and Equipment

Lesson 5.1: Lockout and Tagout Devices

Types of locks and tags

Selection and usage

Lesson 5.2: Specialized Equipment

Hasps, chains, and blocking devices

Electrical disconnects and valves

Module 6: LOTO Verification and Testing

Lesson 6.1: Verification Procedures

Verification of zero energy state

Cross-checking with co-workers

Lesson 6.2: Testing and Releasing LOTO

Testing equipment after LOTO

LOTO removal and equipment restart

Module 7: LOTO Training and Communication

Lesson 7.1: Employee Training

Training requirements

Refresher training

Training documentation

Lesson 7.2: Communication and Documentation

Communication during LOTO

Documentation of LOTO procedures

Module 8: LOTO Auditing and Inspections

Lesson 8.1: Auditing LOTO Procedures

Internal and external audits

Corrective actions

Lesson 8.2: Regular Inspections

Routine equipment inspections

Periodic review and updating of procedures

Module 9: Case Studies and Real-World Examples

Presentation of real-life LOTO incidents and their consequences

Discussion of successful LOTO implementation stories

Module 10: Final Assessment and Certification

Comprehensive quiz or exam to test knowledge

Issuing certificates of completion

Module 11: Course Conclusion

Summary of key takeaways

Encouragement of safe workplace practices

Additional Resources

References and additional reading materials

Links to relevant regulatory websites and standards

This course should be designed to engage learners with interactive elements, case studies, quizzes, and video demonstrations to reinforce the key concepts and ensure they have a strong understanding of Lockout Tagout procedures and safety.

Course #: 2023-40

  • Introduction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years