NFPA 70E Bundle

NFPA 70E 8 Hour Course (2023-067)

Module 1: Introduction to NFPA 70E

Purpose and scope of NFPA 70E
Importance of electrical safety
Legal and regulatory requirements

Module 2: Electrical Hazards

Understanding electrical hazards
Electrical shock hazards
Arc flash hazards
Arc blast hazards

Module 3: Electrical Safety Program

Developing an electrical safety program
Responsibilities of employers and employees
Job safety planning
Energized electrical work permit

Module 4: Arc Flash and Shock Boundaries

Determining arc flash boundaries
Safe approach distances
Arc flash PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements

Module 5: Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Principles of LOTO
LOTO procedures and requirements
Verifying de-energization

Module 6: Electrical Safe Work Practices

Safe work practices for electrical tasks
Working on or near live parts
Insulating and shielding materials
Conducting a hazard analysis

Module 7: Electrical Safety Equipment

Selection and use of electrical safety equipment
Arc-rated clothing and PPE
Tools and equipment for safe work

Module 8: Emergency Response and First Aid

Responding to electrical incidents
First aid for electrical injuries
Rescuing injured workers

Module 9: Electrical Safety Audits and Inspections

Conducting safety audits and inspections
Identifying and correcting hazards
Record-keeping and documentation

Module 10: Case Studies and Practical Applications

Real-world examples of electrical safety incidents
Analyzing case studies for lessons learned
Practical exercises and simulations

Module 11: Course Review and Assessment

Review of key concepts
Assessment to evaluate knowledge
Certification and course completion

Module 12: Additional Resources and References

Useful resources for further learning and reference materials
Links to relevant NFPA standards and guidelines

Course #: 2023-067

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever