Cranes & Rigging (4 CEUs) (2021-127)
EL-1J: 16 Hour Bundle
Cranes & Rigging (4 CEUs) (2021-127)

Target Audience: Construction workers in New Mexico who need to understand and safely perform basic canes and rigging operations.

Course Objective:

  • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to confidently and safely conduct basic canes and...
NESC 8 Hour Course (2023-068)
EL-1J: 16 Hour Bundle
NESC 8 Hour Course (2023-068)
Lockout Tagout (4 CEUs) (2023-40)
EL-1J: 16 Hour Bundle
Lockout Tagout (4 CEUs) (2023-40)

Module 1: Introduction to Lockout Tagout

Lesson 1.1: Course Overview

Course objectives and goals

Importance of LOTO in workplace safety

Lesson 1.2: Understanding Hazardous Energy

Definition of hazardous energy

Types of hazardous energy...

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