About CEUs

Global Safety Education’s all-in-one cloud-based learning management system (LMS) improves access to education. Offering all of the tools you need to manage your eLearning programs, you can accomplish electrical license renewal in no time. Our goal is to help learners develop their competencies through adaptive learning experiences. Here’s what you can expect from us to make your learning easier:

Ease of Use
Our social learning platform deploys an intuitive user interface to encourage ease of use. When learners navigate the system, all of the features that they need are readily accessible. It does not take a novice to figure out the course content and digest the study material at your own pace.

Participating in our learning programs includes access to a plethora of learning materials and eLearning courses. All you need to do is to register for classes to gain access to educational content. Purchasing electrical continuing education courses is as easy as online shopping. Look for the courses you wish to take and add them to your cart before checkout. We also offer several payment options depending on your preference. You can receive a confirmation of your purchase right after settling the payment. Piece of cake, right?

Save Time and Money
Taking advantage of Global Safety Education’s all-in-one cloud-based learning management system (LMS) can help you save time and money in the long run. We offer all the learning solutions needed to carry out educational programs for your electrical license renewal. Compared with traditional methods where learners need to travel for training sessions and check-in at hotels, they can allocate their budgets to other resources. You can already learn without having to step out of your home and save your gas money for snacks!

Our LMS platform bridges the restrictions posed by continuing education (CE) in a classroom setting. People from various geographical locations can learn at their own pace and time.

High Configurability
Organizations looking to train their employees or even their clients can take advantage of our services. Leveraging LMS allows them to configure multiple domains if necessary. For instance, the company can integrate the internal learning courses on a single domain and keep clients in another.

In other words, they can provide a comprehensive solution for the price of one LMS. At the same time, they can manage both domains effortlessly.

The platform consolidates all the use cases of an organization into a single LMS bringing cost-savings, improving productivity, and saving your money.

Seamless Learning Management
Global Safety Education deploys many functionalities to ensure that the learners can manage their continuing education program without a hassle. We also support various content types and categories to fulfill the electrical continuing education requirements. Not only that, but we also prioritize implementing the pre and post, interval, retention exams that mandate certain certifications according to the governing certifying body.

Consistent Communication
For businesses looking to offer LMS solutions, Global Safety Education provides a platform that promotes consistent communication between the learners and the administrators. We provide a channel for them to collaborate and communicate their needs. From there, you can access global or individual emails, messages, forums, and agendas. All the users can find the vital information that contributes to their learning experience in one platform.

Delivery Functionalities
Global Safety Education implements an automated generation of course completion certificates and electrical CEUs. Offering convenience, learners can modify information within their certificate based on various criteria. This criterion is often necessary when submitting their electrical continuing education certificate or license to multiple governing bodies. More importantly, you can get reminded when the certificate’s validity expires or requires electrical license renewal.

Global Safety Education offers LMS solutions for online CEUs for electrical license renewal or electrical continuing education requirements. We offer a plethora of electrical continuing education courses to help you renew your professional license without having a hard time. Depending on your preferred learning strategy, we are here to help you get started with your online electrical continuing education.