New Mexico EE-98J 16 Hour Online Package

$125.00 $100.00

New Mexico EE-98J 16 Hour Package

Includes the following courses:

1. 2014 NEC 8 Hour Code Update (2014: 35)

2. 2014 NFPA 4 Hour Course (2014:34)

3. Cranes and Rigging 4 Hour Course (2015:87)

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 Finish courses at your connivence. 

     Print PDF certificates. 

Please note that our 2014 NEC Code Update Course and our 2014 NFPA 70B Course will be renewed on 5/17/2017 with a new course number that we will automatically update in our system for all certificates. 

Until the State of New Mexico adapts the 2017 NEC code we will continue to offer the 2014 NEC code.